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Green International
Logistic Services (GILS)

Green International Logistic Services (GILS) is a family owned and run premiere logistics firm operating out of Addis Abeba. The firm is engaged in packing, moving, customs clearing, freight forwarding, transporting, storing and heavy lifting of all types of household and commercial goods to and from any part of the world. In its quest to be the cargo network of your choice, the firm is also engaged in cargo insurance making it a one-stop shop for anything cargo. With a large network of valuable partners, state of the art packing materials and processes and a dynamic workforce up to speed on the latest in the logistics sector, Green International Logistics Services has built itself up as one of the most trusted firms to handle your goods.  

Storage Facilities and Equipment

Our firm is headquartered very close to Addis Abeba Bole International Airport and we maintain a 7000 square meters compound with an insured warehouse and container depot close to the Ethiopian Customs Authority terminal in Kality. This has enabled us to create, maintain and capitalize on partnerships with each of these organizations to great utility for our customers.
The workshop we maintain here contains some of the most advanced heavy duty ground scales and a large assortment of carpentry equipment. Outside the workshop, our vehicle unit is stocked with short and long haul trucks, vans and pick-ups to transport any type of cargo anywhere. In addition to that, we also have cranes and forklifts for heavy duty cargo handling.

Customer Service

At Green International we are your reliable partner in logistics. Exceptional customer service is embedded into the Philosophy of our firm with our employees and associates that are ambassadors representing Green International in everything they do. We are ready to listen and understand your needs and provide you with logistics solutions that are executed by capable and seasoned professionals.
The relationships we forge with our clients stem from our readiness and ability to give recurrence of words sample information regarding the services we are providing them with. We have associate agents posted at all of the most important ports of entry into Ethiopia. These agents track and trace all of our inbound and outbound cargo effectively, information that we then analyze to give accurate estimates to our clients.

Managing Staff

Our management team comprises of innovative professionals and industry veterans from interrelated backgrounds. Well acquainted with local legislative and commercial system; and in-link with the international industry standards; our organization structure is built to maintain high-end external customer prerequisites by cultivating internal base of workforce needs.
At Green Logistics, we believe that the most significant assets are our employees. Thus; Our internal coordinating and regulatory mechanisms consist of; clear and proficient procurement process; appropriate usage of internal code of ethics and consistently providing up-to-date training sessions related to each constituent part.
We pride ourselves for providing equipped professionals to the country’s freight forwarding industry through our coaching; local and international training and wide range of active trainings. We are also honored to having locally and internationally renowned industry experts in house; providing comprehensive leadership accordingly.

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